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Experts in Fundraising

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Experts in Fundraising

Since our company was founded in 2015, we have proven to be the leading placement agents in Germany. Based in Frankfurt, we are dedicated to raising capital for international infrastructure, private equity and natural resources from an established German-speaking institutional investor base, whereas our affiliate, Selinus Capital GmbH, has its focus on international real estate and private debt funds.

Our explicit investment and investor focus provides security: For investors regarding an investment that meets their goals and preferences. For fund managers regarding a successful capital raise in the German-speaking market.

We are an investment firm that is authorised and regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin – Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht).

Furthermore, we are a member of the German Alternative Investment Association (BAI – Bundesverband Alternative Investments).

Valéry-Christoph Engelke und Mathias Kulke, Founders and Managing Partners of Selinus Capital Advisors GmbH

“We are constantly in search of the best solutions for both our investors and our fund managers. Thereby, our work is built on trust and expertise. Trust we receive from investors and fund managers, and expertise we provide to meet their needs and requirements.”

Valéry-Christoph Engelke
Valéry-Christoph Engelke und Mathias Kulke,
Founders and Managing Partners of Selinus Capital Advisors GmbH

Our Philosophy

Aligning the interests of fund managers and institutional investors

We have in-depth knowledge of the German institutional market and have established long-lasting and strong relationships with a broad network of institutional investors. This is a clear advantage for the fund managers who work with us.

Our investors appreciate our independence. It makes us critical and enables us to raise capital solely for funds we consider as best-in-class, always considering our investors’ specific regulatory requirements.

We offer professional, high quality and transparent services with the highest personal commitment. We believe openness and honesty are key to a trustful cooperation and long lasting, constructive partnerships – and to the success of all parties involved.

Our Values

Core competency in the distribution of infrastructure, private equity and private debt funds
Qualified and professional support for fund managers and investors
Autonomous fund and manager selection following in-depth analysis
Interface between international fund managers and German-speaking investors
People Business
High dedication to individual service and personal relationships
Emphasis on long lasting partnerships with fund managers and investors

Our Team

Mutual Trust is Key to Success

The cooperation within our team is governed by openness and transparency. We complement each other with regard to our capacities, in order to collectively achieve the best results for our investors and fund managers.

Mathias Kulke_Selinus Capital Advisors GmbH

Mathias Kulke

Managing Partner

Valéry-Christoph Engelke

Managing Partner

Andrea Lehmann-Gutermuth


Dr. Oliver Meier

Senior Managing Director

Christoph Möller

Managing Director

Niklas Kuhlmann


Lennart Sindern


Philipp Ewald