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Added Value for Fund Managers and Investors

Selinus Capital Advisors offers unparalleled fundraising services for alternative investments, going far beyond the pure marketing of funds traditionally seen from placement agents.

We perceive ourselves as management consultants to our fund managers. Therefore, in order to maximize value for investors and fund managers alike, we closely engage with our business partners during each step of the product development and fundraising value chain.


Our knowledge of the specific investment targets and restrictions of our investors enables us to tailor a fund exactly to their needs.

Together with the fund manager and potential external advisors, we develop tailor-made products for the respective target investor group. Thereby, a cooperative approach from day one is key to efficient marketing and beneficial for investors and fund managers alike.

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Fund Placement

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We possess excellent knowledge of the German-speaking institutional market. We have been successfully working with a large number of institutional investors for many years and know their individual investment preferences. Our independence enables us to select best-in-class funds that are suitable for the German market and attractive to our investors.

These factors allow us to offer bright prospects to international fund managers seeking to place their products. Our defined goal is to generate added value for the fund manager throughout the capital raising process and ultimately a capital commitment for the respective fund manager and fund.

Client Services

Individual customer service and a short response time matter to us, as much as long lasting and constructive partnerships with our fund managers and investors. Over time, these cooperations have evolved into trustful relationships. It is therefore common for the involved parties to ask us to continue to act as an ongoing interface after the launch of a fund, a responsibility we gladly assume.

Upon request, we also provide support concerning reporting and the organisation of investment advisory committee meetings. This enables us to work with our partners towards long-term success, long after the placement of a fund.

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